World Oceans Day 2015 resources



World Oceans Day falls on 8th June every year. During our online event to celebrate World Oceans Day 2015, we posted beach and ocean themed information and activity ideas on the Science from the Start Facebook page.

All the posts are now available here. Enjoy!

World Oceans Day falls on 8th June every year. Beaches and oceans offer loads of learning opportunities for young children – even if you can’t get to one – and of course it’s important that we protect them. This year’s theme is reducing the amount of plastic rubbish – more than 8 million tons – that ends up in the oceans each year, seriously harming wildlife and the environment. This activity is a quick and easy way to recycle and old t-shirt into a cloth bag – no sewing involved, and easy to do with children!



LOVEmyBEACH are an organisation (based in Northwest England, but their information applies to beaches everywhere!) which is working to keep beaches and bathing waters clean. They have a printable checklist for children and an online quiz to help them think and learn about how to keep beaches clean and safe, plus events you can take part in if you’re in the region.



Find out to make an ocean waves sensory bottle

Ocean waves bottles


Want to know where your nearest beach is? Nearest Beach lets you do just that – and you can even filter the results to find features (e.g. dog-friendly, lots of parking) that you want.


Seashells come in all sorts of varieties and are a great way for young children to explore shape, size, colour, texture, symmetry, counting, biology and the satisfaction that comes with finding something all for themselves! UK Safari has a handy online identification guide to help you work out what you’ve found.



I was going to make a list of things to learn about at the beach – but then I found out that Rainy Day Mum had already done a brilliant one! You can read it here



Even if you’re nowhere near the beach, you can still have some ocean themed fun with resources from the Octonauts (and you can download some more Octonauts activities directly from World Oceans Day too).



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