National Bookstart Week 2015 resources


NBW2015-Rumble-in-Jungle-coverNational Bookstart Week 2015 ran from 8th – 14th June, with the theme ‘jungle adventures’ based around ‘Rumble in the Jungle‘ by Giles Andreae.

To go with the wonderful activities provided by the Book Trust, Science from the Start has produced a series of factsheets about the jungle animals in the booklet. These were shared on the project Facebook page throughout the week, and are here to stay!

Please feel free to use them for non-commercial purposes (and please don’t modify them!) 🙂


You can also download the factsheets in pdf format from the Bookstart website here:

National Bookstart Week Lion factsheetNational Bookstart Week Snake factsheetNational Bookstart Week Giraffe factsheetNational Bookstart Week Elephant factsheetNational Bookstart Week Hippopotamus factsheetNational Bookstart Week Crocodile factsheetNational Bookstart Week Gorilla factsheet


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