2016 RSC-funded workshops – activity sheets and photos

Science from the Start has received funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry to run workshops on ‘Messy Play’, ‘Creative Science’ and ‘Play Dough’ in 2016.


These workshops are currently underway and toolkits will be produced for each later in the year. In the meantime, activity sheets and photos from sessions that have happened so far are available here:

Messy Play

Creative Science

Play dough

Please feel free to use these for non-commercial purposes only* if you wish (but please don’t modify the sheets!). If you could let me know how you’ve used them, that would be great!

Parents/carers are entirely responsible for deciding whether or not activities are suitable for their children  – all activities are designed to be parent/carer led so please exercise common sense, observe all usual safety precautions (e.g. avoid choking/strangulation/drowning/suffocation/poisoning risks, don’t allow children to eat materials, never leave children unattended with resources) and protect against mess as necessary.